Girls – Want to Captivate Your Prom Date? Don’t Forget to Accessorize those Prom Dresses!

Prom night is just around the corner. You want to look your best and amaze your date and friends with a stunning prom dress. You’ve made the appointment with the hair stylist and make-up artist. You’ve planned every aspect of your special night. But wait! Don’t forget one of the most important things – accessorize your prom dress to make it dazzle!
Prom dresses can look plain without at least a few accessories. Even a gorgeous, long prom dress by Jovani can be spruced up with a sparkling necklace and matching earrings. Stunning evening wear by Niteline wouldn’t be complete without a few accents. No matter what style prom dress you choose, accessories will make it dazzle even more! Here are some great prom tips to get your wheels turning.

Prom Dresses with No Straps or Spaghetti Straps

The neckline can look bare when wearing a prom dress that has no straps or spaghetti straps. A plain neckline can easily be brightened with a beautiful, sparkly necklace and matching earrings. The type of necklace you choose should blend well with your dress colors and fabric. With a prom dress that has lots of lace or sequence, a plain gold or silver necklace will do. Or, maybe even a simple strand of pearls. With a simple satin dress, wear a necklace that sparkles with unique design. Add a charming slide as a bonus.

Gloves and Shawls

Strapless prom dresses also look great with satin or lace gloves a shawl. The gloves and shawl should match the color(s) of your prom dress for a simple, but elegant look! Shawls can be worn around the neck or loosely held around the upper arms.


If shawls aren’t your style, try a half-jacket instead. These typically come in satin finish to match the color of your prom dress, or in a lacy see-through style. There are even jackets that tie in the front mid-section to cover the tummy! Pick the jacket that looks best with your body type. Try one on with your prom dress to be sure it offers the look you want.

Prom Dress Length and Prom Shoes

Choose your hosiery and prom shoes according to the prom dress length. With long prom dresses, you might choose hose for comfort, not style, since no one will see them anyway. For high-and-low prom dresses or short prom dresses, choose prom shoes and hose that will complement your legs and feet.

Open-toe prom shoes with nude or light-colored hose will look great with slender legs. If your legs are muscular or large in the calves, and you want to de-emphasize the bottom part of your legs, choose closed-toe prom shoes with dark- colored hose if possible. Or, a longer prom dress will do the trick.


Carrying a handbag to the prom? Choose one that matches your prom dress. There are handbags of all colors and styles that are designed specifically for prom night. You can find handbags of satin, beads or lace to complement your prom dress. With a prom handbag, you can carry your personal belongings and still be in style!

Other prom dress accessories include hairpieces, anklets, bracelets, rings, belt bags, hats, clutches, pendants, and broaches. When shopping online, you can find thousands of unique accessories as well as many styles of prom dresses such as cocktail style, high-and-low, evening wear, pageant dresses, sheath style, and many others.

Remember – dress for fun! You only get one chance to make this year’s prom dress shine!


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Tips on Finding the Right Pair of Sunglasses

Finding just the right pair of sunglasses is not easy. There are thousands of brands, styles and colors to choose from online or in your local sunglasses retail store. You want a style that looks great, offers maximum protection for your eyes, and sunglasses that are going to last. Here are some great tips on finding the sunglasses that are right for you.

Shop Online for Sunglasses

Probably the best place to find a vast selection of sunglasses is on the Web. There are retailers online that offer every brand of sunglasses you can imagine – Maui Jim Sunglasses, Prada Sunglasses, Oakley Sunglasses, Ray Ban Sunglasses and more! Some of these retailers also offer related items such as goggles or watches. So, you can do all your shopping in one place, and never have to leave your home!

Finding a Style that Suits You

Every person’s facial shape is unique. Sunglasses that look great on one person will look “not so great” on another. That’s why it is important to search for sunglasses that look great on you. Don’t choose sunglasses just because someone you know has a pair. Make sure you choose a style that looks great with your skin tone, shape of face, nose shape, and hair.

Tip: If you have a long, slender nose and chin, then small, round sunglasses with a thin frame would look better than large, thick glasses. The opposite is true if you have a round-shaped face and a very small nose.

A Variety of Colors

Sunglasses come in a variety of colors, from pink and orange to green and purple. Choose a color that goes well with your hair and skin color. If you enjoy matching your sunglasses with your outfits, choose several pair in different colors for a variety.

Sunglasses with UV Protection

UV protection (ultraviolet ray protection) is important if you plan to be outdoors any length of time. Your eyes are very sensitive to the rays of the sun whether you realize it or not. Without UV protection, your eyes are exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays that could do permanent damage to your retina. There are many types of sunglasses available online in different styles and colors that offer 100% UV protection. Though these may cost more than your average discount store sunglasses, they are going to protect your eyes, which are irreplaceable at any price! Also, sunglasses with UV protection are usually made to last, so you’re getting two fabulous benefits in one.

The great thing about shopping online for items like sunglasses, watches and goggles is you get to pick and choose from many brand names such as Maui Jim Sunglasses, Oakley Sunglasses, Ray Ban Sunglasses and Prada Sunglasses, and from all sorts of styles and colors to fit your needs. And, you can take time in the privacy of your home to shop around until you find the perfect sunglasses.

Leather Lingerie

Want to look good, feel good, sexy, sensual, and comfortable? Leather lingerie could be the thing that you are looking for. What has been considered for long as something worn by the likes of cowboys and bikers to protect themselves form brushes and rashes, is today promising to be an enticing wear for both men and women. While the traditional use of leather as clothing has been for purposes of protection, and hence has involved rather thick material that restricted one’s movement, modern use of leather in the form of lingerie assures you a soft caressing experience.

Why leather?

A good question. Lingerie has been around for a long time now and is immensely popular. Can one say the same thing about leather lingerie? May be not. Leather lingerie may not yet be quite as popular as many other common types of lingerie, but that’s only because people have not yet experienced it. Wear leather once, and you’ll find that leather lingerie is something special. Leather is soft and doesn’t scratch you when you slip into it. It doesn’t itch. The way leather adopts to your body is perhaps its number one attraction. It’s initially cool, and warms up as you wear it for some time, leaving you comfortable all the way, and attractive.


You bet leather can provide it. It’s almost as if you were wearing a second skin. The leather adapts itself to the contours of your skin making it a deliciously revealing inner garment that makes your body more inviting. Leather lingerie can be one of the most attractive and seductive pieces that you have worn (or seen worn by you partner). There are many styles to choose from. You could settle for something bold and beautiful like a leather thong and string bikini. If you prefer to be less adventurous, a pair of leather hot pants or a corset top should do well for starters.

If you are one of those full figure women with a plus size requirement, the world has at last understood your requirements. There are enough options for you extra sized folks to make you look and feel extra sexy too.

What about comfort?

If you are thinking that attraction or no attraction, no one’s going to make you wear an uncomfortable piece of leather close to your body, think again. Because leather lingerie is not uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, you’ll find it most comfortable and pleasant to wear one. Just try it, and you’ll find out for yourself.

Leather is soft and doesn’t scratch you when you slip into it. It doesn’t itch. The way leather adopts to your body is perhaps its number one attraction. It’s initially cool, and warms up as you wear it for some time, leaving you comfortable all the way, and attractive.

Buying leather lingerie

Once upon a time, you had to walk into one of those neighborhood shops when they were open and hope for the best. Not any more. You have online shops that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week that you could visit from the comfort of your home when you feel like it. And you get enough variety from all of them put together, because you are no longer restricted to one small building with limited stocks in it.

Looking To Buy Costumes Online? The Advantages Are Ghoulishly Attractive

There are several advantages when you’re looking to buy costumes online, and over many ghoulish years, several top online costume stores have taken all the necessary steps to make your costume purchase attractive with simple and convenient purchase options!

Even though millions of Halloween enthusiasts enjoy shopping online, there are still individuals that may not be too sure if the advantages are enough for them to take a bite into the online costume market!

My advice to you is that you will never know unless you sink your fangs into the online shopping experience, and see for yourself what the true difference will be. (Sorry! I was just itching to throw in that pun).

So What Are the True Advantages That Costume Sites Offer?

The most obvious advantage I have seen over the years with exclusive online costume stores is their vast online selection available to you! They offer bright graphic pictures to view, and when you click on the picture, you get more detailed information. I like reading the descriptions, and they really help in my decision-making.

I don’t know if you still experience the mall days when you arrive to get some quick Halloween costume ideas, and as you entered the cubicle boxed size store, it had such a skimpy variety, they felt cheaply made, and to make things worse, I had to find my costume idea on the floor that was sitting in a massive pile of clothes that looked like a human tornado hit it three times over!

When you search for your costumes online, they’re easily set-up in a variety of costume categories, and while I’m drinking my favorite beverage, and listening to my music at home, I casually scroll through the costume category of choice, and take all the time I need to find the one I like.

Before I decide to buy, I click on the desired costume and quickly put it in my shopping cart, that by the way “Never” gets bumped by any other shopping carts. (I thought I would mention that one for the people that quickly get very annoyed with blind shopping cart drivers that always crash into you by accident, or was it an accident, hmmm…)

Other Advantages To Finding Your Costumes Online…

Other advantages you will find when purchasing your costume online is not only the competitive pricing, but I found that the quality of the costume for the same price or less than the retail stores were far superior. I was looking at a pirate costume last year, and the retail price was $35.00 plus the tax. I went online and checked some of the online stores for the same costume, and when I found the exact same one, I purchased it for a cheaper price, and that was including the shipping cost, which I will touch base about with you later in the article.

When the pirate costume arrived in my mailbox, I have to tell you that I love receiving packages in the mail, I don’t know why, but to me it’s exciting. I had to open the package right away, and when I pulled the costume out to try it on, I really noticed a difference in the material quality, and the outfit felt like it was put together much better than the costumes in the retail store. All along, I thought that they would be the same, go figure!

Some of you may feel that online shopping for a costume may be more expensive than buying it in your local store, because you have to pay for shipping. Keep this in mind though, when a retail store purchases stock from a supplier, they also pay for shipping to get their supplies, and of course it’s bulk shipping, but there is still a cost that is passed on to the end product.

Like I mentioned earlier, even though I paid for the shipping costs, the price came out cheaper than what I would have paid for the costume in the local mall store, and the only difference was that I had to wait a couple of days to receive it. Now if you’re truly concerned about the shipping costs, you can contact the online costume store, and ask them if they will be offering a discount or any future free shipping promotions, and I have seen many of those promos in the past.

In conclusion, shopping for your costume, plus Halloween accessories online is more affordable than you think; you have access to an extensive line of costumes, and they always seem to come out with new arrivals each year that’s different from last year!

Why wouldn’t you make all your purchases with a store that is known for specializing in Halloween and seasonal costumes year round, as opposed to a store that stocks them once a year. If you have any concerns, you always can contact these stores directly and they will be more than willing to help. You will find that when you place your first order they use the most sophisticated technology for credit card encryption protection, excellent order tracking, and all your personal information is always protected from any fraudulent activity.