He Went from a Temporary Tattoo to a Real One

When my husband told me he was going out with some of his old friends, I was happy. They had all served in the military together but had went their separate ways when they left. I was especially glad that he was reconnecting with one of his fellow soldiers in particular, because they had really helped each other out on one of their deployments together. I was a bit surprised when my husband came home and showed me a tattoo he had gotten though. He quickly told me it was just a temporary tattoo, but he wanted my honest opinion on it.

I thought it looked great. The only reason I was surprised is because of all his fellow soldiers had gotten tattoos at one point or another in the military, but he had never done that. He just never liked them, but something happened when he went out that night to make him want one. He didn’t tell me the full story, and I didn’t need to hear it. I just told him what he wanted to know, which is that I thought the tattoo looked incredibly sexy on him.

It never bothered me that he did not have a tattoo because I had never been into them either. A lot of my friends have tattoos, and one even has a full tattoo sleeve on her left arm. It was just never something I got into though, much like my husband. That changed though when I saw the scripture that he had temporarily had tattooed on his forearm. It looked nice, and it was a constant reminder of what we live for every single day. Even though it is scripture, it still looked really nice on him too! That tattoo was only temporary, but the one he has now in its place is not!